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for 21 years

In April 2002, Halifax Opportunities Trust began operating, and in 2023 we turned 21!

We celebrated creating opportunities for 21 years by sharing our journey through the experiences of the people who have been connected with the Trust over the years.

We asked staff, volunteers and people we have worked with to share their stories and give their account of how Halifax Opportunities Trust creates opportunities. Whether it is overcoming challenges to build a better life, form stronger communities or create a brighter future, each account is truly unique and reveals just how much care and commitment has gone into upholding our purpose so people have the opportunity to grow in a vibrant, multicultural and self-sustaining community.

Our Timeline

Reaching 21 is a significant milestone for the Trust and to ensure the hard work of our trustees, staff, volunteers and local people were acknowledged, we reflected on individual accomplishments, growth and impact over the past 21 years, while looking ahead to the next 21 and beyond.

Please read the stories, by clicking on each entry in the timeline below. As you read each one, we hope they offer inspiration and pride, knowing that Calderdale is brimming with people dedicated to Creating Opportunities for a better life.  

Our Future

Through the power community, our staff, volunteers, supporters and partners, combined with our 21 years of experience, we can move closer to reaching our purpose.

To drive our progress we’re focussing on our Impact Goals working towards these in everything we do.

Creating opportunities for communities to live and work together, in safe and sustainable space

Taking a human approach. Working alongside individuals, understanding their aspirations and supporting them along the way

Looking forward, leading the way and guiding those we work with towards better things

Other news

Find out what’s happening at Halifax Opportunities Trust, in our teams and about the people we work with.