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Halifax Opportunities Trust Apprenticeships Team Delivers Industry Approved SEN Training

Calderdale based Apprenticeships service provides valuable Special Education Needs (SEN) Training with 100% of participants feeling positive upon completion

SEN Training Feedback Infographic - July 2022
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The Apprenticeship provision of Halifax Opportunities Trust (HOT) reveals positive feedback results from its SEN Training course, delivered to education professionals throughout 2021-2022, with a 9/10 overall score based on experience and relevance.

Dedicated to upskilling professionals and those involved with SEN, SEN Training is a valuable offer that focuses on the additional needs, requirements and support expected of education providers when working with students who have additional learning and support needs. As a continuous professional development (CPD) certificate, the training has been welcomed by many in the early-years and education sector, with 90% of participants applying their learning outcomes to their current role.

Malgorzata Ciewiertnia, Quality and Systems Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trust, comments: “The latest feedback from our SEN Training has helped us to understand the value of our offer. Based on the results we aim to further improve this to ensure those in the early years education sector receive high quality training that supports their continuous professional development. Through SEN Training, we hope to upskill all our early years and teaching assistant apprentices, as well as others who work in education, with additional relevant knowledge; giving them a wider skillset and further career opportunities.”

As a result of the feedback and evaluation, the HOT Apprenticeship Team is looking further into how the SEN programme can be enhanced, with development plans already in place for the new academic year. This will address areas for professional development in the Early Years workforce, and those working in education (teaching assistant apprentices), based on a wider skills gap analysis and identification of needs with partnership organisations and those working in the SEN field.

The 10-month training programme has 10 modules, which are based on the functional skills required in a SEN role. Some of the modules include:

  • Graduated Approach
  • Emotional Wellbeing and resilience
  • ASD and ADHD

The HOT Apprenticeships Service is a specialist in the delivery of high quality and nationally recognised work-based learning qualifications for early years, teaching assistant and business administration professions. Mainly supporting employers and individuals with apprenticeships in the education sector, the HOT Apprenticeship Team has a deep understanding of the industry landscape, curricular and opportunities for professional growth; as demonstrated in its SEN Training.

“I felt that I have accumulated a lot of knowledge from the SEN programme which then helped me with my related unit and also with my day to day job at the school”

SEN Training participant

Halifax Opportunities Trust is delighted to share the high standard of feedback received from SEN Training participants.  The Trust is positive the Apprenticeships Team will continue to deliver quality, relevant and useful training programmes that have a real impact on the careers of participants and learners.  More information about the Apprenticeship Service and Qualifications available from Halifax Opportunities Trust, can be found here:

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