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Exploring career avenues with Andy Thornton

The Halifax Opportunities Trust Employment Team recently visited the Andy Thornton Rosemount Works site, with a group of Young People.

The Halifax Opportunities Trust Employment Team recently visited the Andy Thornton Rosemount Works site, with a group of Young People.

The visit was set-up by the employment team to help give young people an understanding of the world of work, the practical elements of various roles and to help guide them in their future career path. This visit, at the workshops at Rosemount Works, included a tour of inside the business, offices, showroom and workshops, as well as a Q&A.

The group had a fantastic time exploring the different areas, hearing about the varied processes within Andy Thornton and particularly enjoyed the antiques area.

Charlie Tolley Managing Director, said:

“I had the honoured opportunity to welcome a group of young people from Halifax Opportunities Trust along with their supporters, Lisa and Neil, and introduce them to the workings of Andy Thornton Ltd and show them around our showroom and workplace.

The group showed a great interest in what we do – asked very specific and relevant questions and engaged with members of our workforce as they walked around. The Trust should be applauded and take great pride in what they are achieving. We wish the young people all the best in their future careers whatever path they choose.’

Lisa Connelly, the Trust’s Employment Services Coordinator said:

“The group had a fantastic time meeting with the Andy Thornton team, exploring the different areas and hearing about the varied processes within Andy Thornton. I was blown away by the amount of thought that had gone into our visit and the enthusiasm shown by you and your team was infectious. Everyone is so friendly and is clearly passionate about their roles, which is a credit to you all. The feedback from the group has been brilliant and has really helped raise their aspiration levels. It’s good to know that there are employers like yourself taking an interest in our communities and that care about offering inclusive employability opportunities for all.”

The visit was also beneficial for our Employment team as it will help them to support the young people as they make decisions about their future career path.

The Trust is grateful for the opportunity to visit Andy Thornton and meet with employees to talk about their role. Practical activities like this are extremely valuable for young people as it helps to give real context into how businesses operate and how people in the workplace support this.

To learn more about the work of Andy Thornton, please click on the following link: https://www.andythornton.com/article/halifax-opportunities-trust-visit

To Learn more about the Trust Employment team and the services they deliver to local people in Halifax and Calderdale, please click on the button below:

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