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From volunteering to skills for work and life



  • Delivery Area: HOT Employment
  • Project: Moving Forward Together
  • Partner: Newground Together
  • Values: We Care, We are Committed

Halifax Opportunities Trust (HOT) works with individuals to understand their life and support them in overcoming any challenges that may be preventing them from moving forward.

The HOT Employment team partners with a range of organisations to offer holistic support for people seeking advice and guidance on their employability journey, through a range of skills and confidence building activities.

Through the HOT Employment team’s experience in working with individuals over the past two decades, they understand that each person they work alongside has unique life experiences and barriers to work.

Sometimes the journey to employment is straightforward, and other times it takes a combination of different approaches so candidates reach their aspirations.

Dominka came to HOT to progress in her job search. She is diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which impact her life and make her feel insecure, therefore they have made it difficult for her to find work.

“Michelle helped me to find a volunteering role in Halifax Minster office. After three months they offered me a part time job position.”

Building Confidence

The Employment team worked alongside Dominka to understand her challenges and put in place a plan so she could take positive steps in finding work and overcoming some of the things that were impacting her search for work.

Through the Moving Forward Together program the employment team helped Dominika find voluntary work in the office at the local Minster. This was a huge step for Dominka as she was initially too anxious to engage with employers and found work environments triggered her anxiety.

Finding Employment

Volunteering helped Dominka build her skills and self-confidence, which was paired with regular check-ins from the HOT employment team. After three months, Dominka was offered a permanent part-time role at the Minster.

Through this, Dominka’s confidence has grown significantly and she has identified a passion for accounting which has given her aspirations to take her career further.

Learning and Growing

Dominka will soon embark on another milestone – an Assistant Accountant apprenticeship.

She hopes the higher level apprenticeship will give her further skills and will help her to progress further in her current role.

“Soon, I will be starting Assistant Accountant apprenticeship and would like to progress in this role.”

Not only has Dominika found work, but she has found self-confidence to believe in her abilities and build a rewarding career in a role that she loves. The HOT Employment team is delighted for Dominka and has every confidence that this new career path will take her even further in reaching her aspirations.

“[the HOT Employment team are] Approachable and caring people, passionate about their job.”

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