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Implementing Positive Changes for a Stronger Family Bond

Children & Families

*Anna’s Story

  • Service Area: Children’s Centres
  • Programmes: Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities parenting programme

Halifax Opportunities Trust Children’s Centres offer support to both children and families, to help them overcome challenges. Anna* recently worked with our Children & Families Team to overcome some behavioural challenges Gregory* (Anna’s child) had developed, since the home became a single parent household.

The Family Support worker met Anna to assist in Gregory’s emotional wellbeing. He was becoming aggressive and was reluctant to follow instructions from Anna. This was putting strain on the family and meant that Anna was finding it difficult to manage Gregory and his sibling, with little support.

A multi-agency support network

This was not only impacting Gregory’s home life; his school work was also suffering. Our Family Support worker provided assistance with Gregory and contacted his school, where the family met with school staff, to ensure that he was receiving consistent and focused 1:1 support both at home and in his school setting.

In addition to this the Family Support Team worked with Anna to implement positive parenting strategies that offer structure, reassurance and build stronger relationships. These skills were further developed through a parenting support programme Anna was recommended to join, which have not only helped improve Gregory’s behaviour, but have given Anna a network of support to discuss experiences with others in a similar situation.

Stronger Relationships

As a result of the support the Children and Families Team provided, Anna has seen a big improvement with Gregory’s behaviour. He has benefitted from the 1:1 support provided by his school, where he now engages a lot more and feels happier to attend.

This 1:1 approach has continued into the home, too. Through the skills learned from parenting programmes, Anna now has more understanding of they way a parent’s behaviour can impact on children, which has created a more positive home environment. Anna now spends quality time with both children and feels more connected to them, with a much stronger relationship than before.

A Commitment to Positive Change

Through the commitment of HOT’s Children and Families Team, Anna feels like a much more confident parent and has built a strong bond with Gregory and his sibling, which has had a positive affect on their behaviour.

Anna now has the confidence to continue implementing positive parenting strategies, without the aid of a Support worker, while Gregory and his sibling have an improved connection with their parent.

“(Gregory) is not having as many meltdowns and when he does, he knows how to manage them.”

“Now I have completed the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities parenting programme I know what I can do and put in place at home to help with my children’s behaviour and I feel I have a better relationship with them.”

Find out more about our Children & Family Services below:

*Names and image changed to protect family’s identity.

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