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Raising aspirations and building relationships through employment opportunities


Halifax Opportunities Trust (HOT) works with individuals to understand their life and support them in reaching their aspirations. As part of our work, we deliver a range of services in a number of specialisms so we can address prevalent challenges within our community. We’re a regeneration charity at heart, so employment and employability have been a key part of what we do for over 20 years. The HOT Employment team works with both individuals and employers to match candidates with businesses, for mutually rewarding employment opportunities.


  • Delivery Area: HOT Employment
  • Partner: Falconer Print
  • Values: We Collaborate, we are Committed

Our bespoke and human approach to employment means we like to get to know everyone we’re working with, so we can better identify opportunities. We recently worked with Falconer Print, a local printing company based in Elland, to recruit candidates for their growing production team.

Establishing relationships

After learning about Halifax Opportunities Trust and our approach to employment, our values and ethos towards matching participants to roles, Richard Martin, Managing Director of Falconer Print got in touch with HOT to discuss some vacancies within the team.

Taking on board HOT’s approach to supporting people with barriers to employment, Richard was keen to work with the Trust to find a new employee and reached out to the team for their support and to give a candidate an opportunity they might not otherwise have had.

“The HOT Employment team really care about the candidates they work with and are committed to supporting them into employment. Working with the Trust means we were able to offer employment opportunities to people who genuinely want to find work and who might not have found us otherwise.”

Richard Martin, Managing Director

The team worked with Richard to understand the role requirements and visited the premises in Elland, to learn more about the business, its culture and the team that worked there. Here, our employment team met Operations Director, Ben Townsend, who provided further insight into the type of candidates they were looking for and the skills that might be a good fit for the role.

Matching candidates with opportunities

The recruitment process starts with establishing the characteristics and skills an organisation is looking for and liaising with individuals to understand their experience and fit for such a role. As the employment team works with around 100 people each month, they have a large case load of potential candidates and have worked with them on a one to one basis, so understand where they are on their employability journey.

A unique approach the team took was to invite a number of potential candidates to Falconer’s site.  This made the recruitment process more streamlined, ensured participants could get a feel for the workplace environment and meant that Ben and the team could meet potential employees in person.

“It was great to welcome a number of potential candidates to our site. It meant that we could chat to individuals informally, introduce them to the team and show them around the workplace. In doing so, we really got a feel for the candidates who would fit in well and become part of our team.”

Ben Townsend, Operations Director

This worked well and it ensured that Ben and his team could make a joint decision on who they would like to join them in a full-time position. Falconer print employed a candidate through Halifax Opportunities Trust in February 2023 and has since been a great addition to the team.

Due to the success of the initial round of recruitment and the strong relationship the employment team has built with Falconer Print, it wasn’t long before Ben made contact again. Seeking another team member, Ben worked with our employment team in May and, following a similar process, another candidate was put forward by HOT and offered a role, where they continue to settle in to the team.

I want to say thank you to (Halifax Opportunities Trust) for helping me find a really good job. You listened me and asked me what work I want to do and then found this. I am so happy with the support you have given. Falconer Print are so nice and helpful. I enjoy working here, it is a nice place.

“Thank you to you for making it easy for me to find work and to Falconer for being supportive. I really appreciate it.”

HOT Candidate (now employed by Falconer Print)

Looking ahead

The employment team unlocks many opportunities for candidates and employers in filling roles through a focus on people and understanding recruitment requirements. Through this approach, individuals are better matched to roles and employers find staff with a drive to succeed.

We wish the new employees all the best in their new roles and look forward to learning more about their employment with Falconer Print, through our ongoing partnership.


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