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Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships Inspire Progress at Local SEND School

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As a work-based training provider in the Education sector, our Learning and Apprenticeships team collaborate with a range of schools and education settings to deliver Teaching Assistant apprenticeships. For over four years, the team has been working with local SEND school, Ravenshall, in Kirklees to support apprentices with nationally recognised Teaching Assistant qualifications, alongside dedicated SEN training, so their skills and knowledge are enhanced within the context of a SEND environment.


  • Service Area: HOT Learning – Apprenticeships
  • Course: Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship with SEN
  • Qualification: Level 3 and SEN course
  • HOT Values: We collaborate, We are committed

Creating opportunities for positive outcomes

The Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship covers a range of modules that give learners an in-depth understanding of the techniques, skills and knowledge required to support a class teacher, aid child development and build self-confidence, while gaining professional work-based qualifications to support career progression.  

Throughout the time the team has been working with Ravenshall and their apprentices, they have built a strong understanding of the setting and the best methods of delivery for the most beneficial outcomes, often adapting their approach to ensure learners are engaged and achieve the best possible results. This is evident in recent pass-rates, where learners have successfully passed their End Point Assessment, with over half achieving a distinction. 

Jo Street, Senior Cover Supervisor & Apprenticeship Mentor at Ravenshall comments:

“We have worked with Halifax Opportunities Trust for over 4 years now and have had several learners who have successfully passed their End Point Assessment with over half achieving a distinction.  

“We have found the whole team to be very supportive and very flexible which fits in ideally with our school due to the complexity of our pupils. The team are very diverse in the delivery of the qualifications offering a wide range of delivery methods geared to an individual’s learning style. My apprentices specifically appreciate the workshops delivered on teams as they not only gain a lot of knowledge, but it also enables them to network with a wide range of education and Early years settings within the area.”

Putting knowledge into practice

For the past few years, the team has been working with the school and their apprentices to provide additional support and training in SEN. Incorporating this additional industry-specific training, alongside a TA qualification, means that learners gain real-world experience which they can instantly apply within their roles at the school.

Level 3 Teaching Assistant completed in February 2023, comments:

“The apprenticeship has been an in-depth study of techniques, knowledge and skills needed to effectively support pupils in and outside of the classroom. My studies have allowed me to develop new skills to encourage pupils to be the best they can be and make meaningful progress towards their holistic and academic development.

“The apprenticeship propelled me forwards to landing a HLTA role as Lead Maths TA and enabled me to progress in my career. It also allowed staff to be able to rely on me and value my contributions to the workplace. I would recommend this apprenticeship for anyone wanting to work in a school setting supporting pupils 1:1 and in the classroom

Another apprentice comments:

“I have gained life-long career skills, I am so much more self-assured when dealing with children in the classroom. I can handle any issues, and address problems more easily, and I gained more confidence.”

Another Distinction completer at Ravenshall comments: “The level 3 apprenticeship in Teaching & Supporting in class was excellent course for me to start off a career in the education field. The course covered all the key area to make me a competent and effective ETA. I Successfully completed the course with a Distinction which helped me secure a permanent role at the school I was working at. I have now progressed on to become a Cover Supervisor and the knowledge gained from the course is still so valuable”.

Inspiring progress for learners and partners

Learning about such positive outcomes has cemented the apprenticeships team’s relationship with Ravenshall and they continue working closely together to support the growth and development of individuals and teams, as well as the school’s future recruitment plans.

Diane Illingworth, Apprenticeship Training & Delivery Manager at Halifax Opportunities Trust comments:

“We found the working arrangements with Ravenshall school exceptional, as they have been committed to providing a relevant education for their apprentices. What stood out the most is how they encourage motivation and personal development across the curriculum and all areas of learning.”

Apprenticeships are suitable for people of all ages, with a range of experience, and that means existing employees can benefit from progressing their career with an apprenticeship; enhancing retention and supporting professional growth.

Mags Ciewiertnia, Quality & System Lead at Halifax Opportunities Trusts adds:

“As a training provider, we have found that the apprenticeship programme is a great way for the school to recruit new employees and to use apprenticeships to retrain or upskill existing staff of all ages and levels of experience.  Apprenticeships can be used as part of an organisations strategic workforce planning, to promote a diverse and inclusive workforce and support recruitment and retention, which is something we are happy to collaborate with Ravenshall.”

Jo Street, Senior Cover Supervisor & Apprenticeship Mentor at Ravenshall adds:

 “The apprentices we have taken on are a variety of ages but have limited experience; there is so much progression to see with them. They develop very quickly from initially coming into the school with zero experience and ability. Even within a few months, they can become a valuable part of the team and contribute to the ideas. Within a year or so, they can be responsible for their own group or individual child. That is really rewarding to see as a mentor.

“We will continue to work with Halifax Opportunities Trust for our apprenticeships and would not hesitate to recommend them to any other Education establishments wanting to deliver apprenticeships.”

With aligned values and a shared dedication to inclusive learning, the HOT apprenticeships team and Ravenshall have developed a mutually rewarding relationship that holds the individual at the centre, which is something HOT is confident will flourish further.

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