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Family Hubs Consultation Update

Children & Families

We recently shared some information about Family Hubs and asked for your input on the way these would look.

Your family, your network

Calderdale Council is creating a new network of Family Hubs, which will provide support for families in Calderdale with children aged 0-19 years (or up to age 25 for young people with special educational needs or disabilities).

To make sure Family Hubs reflect the needs of local communities, Calderdale Council recently held two workshop events with families and a further online session for professionals, to help shape the branding and design which will be used for the hubs programme. Feedback from these sessions was used to create two brand design ideas and people were asked to choose their preferred option – the one they feel best reflects Calderdale families.

The designs were available to view as part of an online survey where people can also have their say. They were also displayed in various locations across the borough, including youth centres, libraries, Leisure, and children’s centres. You might remember providing your feedback in our Centre or via a link we shared on social media.

How your feedback has shaped Family Hubs

The public consultation was very popular and it received over 1000 responses and 173 shared their comments and feedback. There were many people who had chosen Option 2 for the colour and design but preferred the taglines of Option 1. This lead to further development of the design idea to create something which included the most popular aspects of both. This final development will be soon revealed as the branding for Family Hubs Calderdale.

You will see this in place at the first Calderdale Family Hub, Central Halifax Family Hub at Jubilee, in the next few weeks.

What Hubs mean for you

Family Hubs aim to improve the connections between families and the people who support them. The first Family Hub network will serve central Halifax with the hub at Jubilee Centre and further Family Hub networks will be developed in the coming two years, so the whole borough is covered.

You and your Family will be able to access services at any of the hub locations.

Keep checking Halifax Opportunities Trust’s Jubilee Children’s Centre Facebook page for more updates on how we are supporting you.

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