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Have you heard about Family Hubs?

What are Family Hubs?

Accessing support for your whole family is becoming easier in Calderdale.

A new network called Family Hubs will bring together lots of support for your whole family, including children of all ages (0-19 years and 25 for young people with SEND).

Family Hubs will bring together services provided by different organisations. You will be able to access a Family Hub in person, at an outreach site such as a library or community centre or even in your home. Online support will also be available to families so you can get information, advice, and guidance in one place. We will be working on a Family Hubs website towards the end of the year. The important thing to know is that accessing the help you need will be easier.

Through Family Hubs you can:

  • talk to someone for advice
  • access early help
  • meet other local families
  • take part in activities and join groups.

Where will the first Family Hub be?

The first Family Hub in Calderdale will be in Central Halifax. The hub of the central Halifax network will be at The Jubilee Centre, 1 Lightowler Road, Halifax HX1 5NB. More Family Hubs will open in other parts of the borough over the next three years.

All the current services at the Jubilee Centre will remain, and there will be even more support introduced as part of Calderdale’s new Family Hub offer, for everyone in your family to access.

Changes to the Jubilee Centre’s appearance will begin shortly before an official launch event in September. This will include new signage and a change to some internal areas. However, the staff and services you know will not change.

Who they are for

Parents, carers, grandparents, babies, children, teenagers, and young adults (the whole family).

They will offer support:

  • from conception
  • during pregnancy
  • and to families with children of all ages from 0 to 19 years old. (This is up to 25 for young people with SEND.)

What support and advice will be available?

  • Midwife and health visitor clinics
  • Help with feeding your baby – Infant feeding and weaning support
  • Support with parenting from birth to 19 or up to 25 with a disability
  • Emotional Health and wellbeing support for the whole family
  • Physical Health advice for the whole family
  • Early education and childcare support and advice
  • Activities and groups for children under 5Activities and support for young people

and it will be easier to access wider services, such as stop smoking support and job advice.

What Family Hubs are not

Family Hubs are not simply re-badged Sure Start Children’s Centres. Children’s Centres will become part of the Family Hub network and just one of places families can access support as they grow.

Family Hubs will build on our existing children’s centres, providing a joined-up, accessible, welcoming service for children and their families, from birth to older teenagers.

Who’s funding our Family Hubs?

Calderdale Council are one of 75 local authorities to get funding from the Department for Education to invest in Family Hubs. This is part of the Start for Life Programme.

The family hubs are being developed with Calderdale families at their heart. Their purpose is to support all children and young people, their parents, and their careers.

For more information about this, please visit Calderdale Council’s website: calderdale.gov.uk/family-hubs

or email: family.hubs@calderdale.gov.uk

Family Hubs are being developed with you, the families of Calderdale, so we would like your feedback on two design ideas.

Can you spare 2 mins to help us?

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