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Greener Together launches in Calderdale

Greener Together is a Calderdale partnership led by Newground Together, that aims to develop Green Places and Spaces for a Greener sustainable future. Partners and early achievers on the programme got together recently at the Outback, to celebrate success and share the vision for the programme.

Halifax Opportunities Trust and the WomenCentre are delivering parts of the programme. Alongside Newground Together and Together Housing Group staff.

The project has received just over £300,000 funding from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and £140,000 match funding from Together Housing Group.  The findings from this project will be shared with other housing associations across the North of England and wider.

Creating a Greener Future

Greener Together aims to support 1000 people to develop green skills for life and work that will lead to a sustainable future for all.

The project will run until 31st March 2023, providing a unique opportunity to test several approaches to address the Green Economy knowledge, skills and needs gaps in Calderdale. Through a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities for businesses and communities, that will act as a catalyst to:

  • Increase the skills of the current and future Green workforce​
  • Encourage the implementation of new innovative Green technologies​ in the home
  • Develop Green behaviours & skills for life​, through community workshops and activities

Emily Pearson, Newground Together Community Programme Manager said,

“We are really excited about retrofitting a Together Housing group property, that will act as a learning space for businesses and the community. Showcasing new greener technologies, such as air source heat pumps, that will be fitted in people’s homes in the future. It will show that this technology is user friendly and help people understand what it is, and how it can benefit them, as well as the planet. We hope it will give local businesses, thinking of branching out into this area of work, the opportunity to see it in place”

Emily continued,

“The little things we can all do day to day, that collectively will have the biggest impact, are the priority on the Green Life Skills sessions. Sometimes with the scale of the Climate emergency, it is difficult to know where you can start as an individual, family or business. The important thing is we can make a difference together and we need to start somewhere.”

Green Skills for Work and Life

Halifax Opportunities Trust, WomenCentre and Newground Together will be delivering some workshops and activities in the community. For people of all ages, including upcycling, growing, sustainable fashion and sustainable swaps, aimed at improving our day-to-day green skills. Alongside this, the project is working to improve green skills of the workforce and those looking for employment. By providing a vocational skills programme and training opportunities.

Angela Everson, Chief Executive of WomenCentre said,

“We are delighted to be part of the Greener Together Partnership. It will enable us to work alongside the women we support to consider ‘greener approaches’ in their lives wherever possible. And see how we can develop our housing by retrofitting sustainable technologies and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Alison Haskins, Chief Executive of the Halifax Opportunities Trust said:

“The Greener Together project will really help us to expand awareness of green issues and practical action in Park Ward and Halifax. Sustainability is important to the Trust; we want to ensure current and future communities are armed with the knowledge to make a real difference to the environment. Greener Together helped us secure housing development expertise, to guide us through the necessary steps in ensuring local people have a place to call home.”

For more information about the Greener Together project, please head to the website: https://www.newgroundtogether.co.uk/greener-together-launches-in-calderdale/

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