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Halifax Opportunities Trust Launches £100,000 Wellbeing Programme with Barclays Funding

Barclays 100 x 100 Programme gives health boost to Calderdale community struck by COVID-19 hardship

Halifax Opportunities Trust (HOT) is pleased to announce it has received £100,000 funding from the Barclays 100 x 100 UK COVID-19 Community Aid Package (100 X 100 Programme), to support the local community with essential services that improve quality of life and alleviate hardships caused by the pandemic.    

The funding will enable Halifax Opportunities Trust to expand food-related work based at its community garden The Outback, with a focus on increased knowledge in the local community about the link between wellness and food. A complete programme has been developed to support the Trust’s goals throughout 2022, which aim to enhance nutrition and help local people better understand the ways to improve their overall health, through food.

Sarah Waddington, The Outback Garden & Kitchen Project Lead, says: “The funding will really help us to reach more people and provide more opportunities that focus on improving health and wellbeing, both in The Outback Garden and the wider community. Through the support provided by Barclays, we have been able to expand our community team so that we can offer a programme of food, nutrition and cooking activities. We are also developing our community garden further to enable more people to access the space and experience the wellbeing effects of being in a natural environment as well as learn new skills including gardening, growing food and beekeeping.

Barclays invited UK charities to apply for one of 100 donations of £100,000 each, to help them deliver impactful on-the-ground support. Halifax Opportunities Trust is one of just 250 organisations the programme has reached, after it was extended due to the high number of initial responses.

Alison Haskins, CEO of Halifax Opportunities Trust, comments: “The 100 x 100 project has unlocked opportunities for the Trust to develop a dedicated programme that focusses on food-based health and wellbeing. Covid-19 meant that many people in the local community felt isolated which had an overall impact on physical and mental health. The funding will enable us to provide crucial activity to overcome this.”

Karen Swaintson, Barclay’s Head of Corporate Relations Yorkshire & North East, adds: “With the long-term impacts of the crisis still being felt, Barclays continues to play a positive role in society. By working with charities like Halifax Opportunities Trust, who best understand the needs of their communities in Halifax, Calderdale, we can ensure help is getting right into the heart of society. We hope that by partnering with incredible local charities up and down the country, we can continue to help people in need as they emerge from the crisis.”

Halifax Opportunities Trust is delighted to have received a £100,000 donation of support from Barclays, enabling us to continue to deliver our meaningful work across Calderdale’s Park Ward community. The Trust is positive it will enable local families and individuals to thrive and lead fuller, healthier lives. More information about the Community & Wellbeing programmes Halifax Opportunities Trust delivers, can be found here:

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