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International Women’s Day 2022 #IWD2022

8th March 2022 is International Women’s Day 2022 (#IWD2022)

Every year on this day, people across the world unite to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality. This year’s theme is #BreakTheBias

Did you know that here at Halifax Opportunities Trust over 90% of our staff are female? We are supporting International Women’s Day 2022 by celebrating our fellow female colleagues, our service users and those who have made an impact to the local community in past and recent years…

IWD2022 Celebration

This year the Inclusive Integration team, as well as others from the employment team, organised an International Women’s Day Celebration, at our Hanson Lane site.

It included talks from inspirational women from across Calderdale, who shared their experiences about being a woman and how together we can #BreakTheBias. Take a look at the gallery below:

Case Study – Amira’s Story

Amira* came to the UK in 2019 from Morocco as a spouse, marrying a British Citizen and settling in Lancashire. After moving , she underwent some very difficult and challenging personal circumstances with her husband and had to leave the family home where she lived with her husband and his family to protect her own safety.

It was a last resort and Amira was then offered a place at a women’s refuge in Kirklees. It was during her time at the refuge that she came into contact with the Connecting Opportunities programme at HOT. Through our partner agency, Thornton Lodge in Huddersfield, Amira was referred to us and received support to help her gain independence and feel empowered…
Community fund and ESF logogs in pink, white blue and yellow

Hopeful Families Connecting Opportunities is jointly funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and European Social Fund

Enterprise logo

Elsie Whitely

Did you know that the Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre is named after one of Halifax’s most revolutionary women? Elsie Whitely was a female clothing designer and maker from Halifax, whose wares we sold in stores such as John Lewis and Selfridge’s back in the 1940’s. They were made in mills, over six sites across Halifax; the Innovation Centre was one of these.

An inspirational lady to say the least and a trailblazer for women who follow her.

Women of Elsie Whitely Innovation & Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre

Fast forward a few decades and the mill and other HOT sites are still home to a number of influential and independent female businesses owners proving they can #BreakTheBias – here are just a few:

Angie – Cafe No.5

Angie owns Cafe No.5, which is located in the atrium of the Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre. In addition to the fabulous cakes and tasty food she cooks, Angie is a business owner.

What does Break the Bias mean to me? Empowering women to achieve anything they want to do in life. No barriers.

Lucy Chappel- Lucy’s Little Bake House

Lucy’s Little Bake House is located at the Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre. Lucy Specialises in baking sweet treats and has won over the sweet toothed staff members of HOT with some delicious cookies and cakes.

What does Break the Bias mean to us? We are breaking the bias with our business as it is 100% women owned. I think bakers are often women but I feel that many many businesses are run by men. We are so proud of our female founded company. We started our Bake House together in July 2020, we work hard and we think our bakes speak for themselves.  

Sure Start - Parjeet - Business Lady with a smart blazer

Parjeet – Sure Care (Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre)

Parjeet is one of our tenants at Elsie Whiteley. She manages and runs a care company named Surecare Calderdale and Kirklees.

Parjeet has been a successful entrepreneur for 10 years but felt she wanted to become active in the local community, where she could make a positive contribution and that’s the reason she joined SureCare Calderdale & Kirklees; committed to delivering high quality of care by meeting their client’s needs.

Elsie Whiteley centre believes in multi-cultural society where there is gender equality which helps SureCare to grow.

Breaking the bias means equality, be it in gender or race.

Connect with us on social media to get more updates on our International Women’s Day activities across Halifax Opportunities Trust, via the links below:

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