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Our Impact Report launches on Friday

Community Organiser, Alison, loads our van with food deliveries during lockdown.
Community Organiser, Alison, loads our van with food deliveries during lockdown.

Our Impact Report launches this Friday. It’s full of inspiring stories from across the Trust written by our teams who have gone over and above this year to continue delivering our services as well as adapting to the challenges posed by coronavirus. To give you a sense of what our teams have been up to here’s a sneak peek from one of our Community Organiser’s, Alison, who contributed to the Impact Report.

If you’d like to be amongst the first to read our Impact Report when it launches email hannah.peevers@regen.org.uk to be added to our mailing list. In the meantime, enjoy Alison’s story …

Our Experience – Alison, Community Organiser

“As a Community Organiser, my work is based on the relationships I forge within the community and supporting the development of community initiatives. At the start of lockdown in March I was involved, alongside other colleagues from HOT, with the food parcel delivery service. It was challenging and rewarding in equal measures.

Through my connections in the community I became aware of activists from our local Madni Mosque, who were interested in rolling out food provision through the mosque. They were planning to launch a community fridge to provide local residents experiencing poverty access to fresh food. I became involved in facilitating a network for local businesses and members of the mosque to coordinate the practical side of opening the fridge. This also involved work to engage women and children who would ordinarily not access mosque grounds unaccompanied. The community fridge launched at the start of August and has been a great success.

I helped the team involved with it access guidance from local environmental health teams about safe food handling practices and basic food hygiene training. I feel proud to have been involved with an initiative that came whole-heartedly from our community and being able to facilitate it becoming a reality.”

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