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Healthy steps to managing Type 2 diabetes

Seema’s Story

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  • Delivery Area: Community & Wellbeing
  • Project: Tandrusti
  • Partner: Calderdale Cares Partnership
  • Values: We Care, We are committed

Halifax Opportunities Trust (HOT) works with individuals to understand their life and overcome challenges. As part of our work, we deliver a number of programs that offer non-clinical advice and guidance for various aspects of wellbeing. And, because our charity has deep roots in Park ward, a vibrant and diverse area of Calderdale with a thriving South Asian community, the Tandrusti project is tailored to address some of the prevalent health risks individuals like Seema face.

Seema was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes one year ago. She experienced symptoms such as weight loss, feeling tired and frequent passing of urine. After seeking medical help, Seema received a HBA1c blood test, which indicated that her sugar levels were too high and lead to her needing insulin for six months.

Due to her health Seema was struggling and wanted help and support with steps to improve and manage her diabetes through diet and exercise.

“When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I knew I have to make some changes.”

First steps

The Tandrusti diabetes workshops are delivered at HOT sites, Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre and the Outback Community Kitchen and Garden. Seema became aware of the workshops through her English classes that she attends at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre.

Seema was very keen to attend the workshop because they are delivered in the relevant language she speaks, which is Mirpuri. Previously, she struggled to understand the advice she was given due to her language barrier and it was too clinical. She wanted advice that is culturally tailored.

When Seema attended the Tandrusti diabetes workshop she started to engage and interact with other participants confidently. She talked openly about her condition and how it has affected her life. She became upset and affected her mental health.

Feeling Motivated

For Seema, the workshop has motivated her to improve and manage her diabetes through diet and exercise. She has given up sugar in her hot drinks, given up fizzy drinks, reduced carbohydrates, has more fruit and vegetables. She also uses olive oil, has more protein and grilled food in her diet, as well as being physically more active, walking five miles a day.

Through the workshop Seema has also become more aware that making a few simple changes in her lifestyle can help to avoid the serious health complications that diabetes can cause, such as nerve, kidney and heart damage.

She also highlighted that due to the higher risks for South Asian people, it is important from the age of 25 to get tested for a HBA1c. Cure the problem before it is too late.

“I strongly advise anyone from a South Asian background to get tested for Type 2 diabetes once they are 25. Knowing the risks and how to manage them through lifestyle can make so much difference and prevent Type 2 from developing .”

Small steps to better health

Seema is motivated and has the willpower to manage her diabetes through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.

Learn more about the Tandrusti program, by clicking on the below button:

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