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Welcome to the Tandrusti programme

Here you’ll find all the information you need on leading a healthier lifestyle for a better you.

What is Tandrusti?

It’s an Urdu word that translates to someone’s wellbeing. It refers to the understanding that wellbeing is strongly linked to health and happiness.

As part of our Community and Wellbeing focus, the Tandrusti programme uses non-clinical methods to support the Park ward South Asian community in becoming healthier and happier through small and manageable lifestyle changes.

Our practical and community driven approach combines hands on learning with GP approved advice, so you are able to pass on the knowledge gained and share methods that are proven to improve health and wellbeing, for a more fulfilled life throughout the family.

Areas of Focus

We believe that small changes have a big impact and through just four steps, people can gain better control of their health and wellbeing with minimal clinical intervention. Our four steps to managing and maintaining a healthier and happier life are:

Move more

By moving more and being generally more active, you can improve your mental and physical health. Can you change one car journey each day to on foot?

Meet and share

Connecting with people with similar interests means you can share your experiences and exchange skills and coping mechanisms. Can you pass on any useful tandrusti tips?

Motivate others

Becoming more socially active can support your mental health and overall wellbeing. Keeping your mind active through social interaction has many benefits and you can motivate others to do the same.

Make meals healthy

Delicious meals can be healthy too. Making small tweaks to your favourite dishes can reduce the fat and sugar content, which leads to better health.

Managing and preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Did you know that if you come from a South Asian background you are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes?

The main aim for the Tandrusti program is to reduce and prevent Type 2 diabetes for those at higher risk of developing the condition. Type 2 diabetes is six times more common in South Asian people.

This is due to the following common factors:

The good news is that type 2 diabetes is preventable and your risk can be significantly reduced by making small lifestyle changes.

The Tandrusti team are able to offer guidance and advice tailored to your needs. Please contact the team to learn more. Contact: Parveen Nijab

What our participants say

Don’t just take our word for it, we have excellent feedback from people who have participated in the Tandrusti project, here’s what who have gained qualifications at various levels and specialisms…

“I strongly advise anyone from a South Asian background to get tested for Type 2 diabetes once they are 25. Knowing the risks and how to manage them through lifestyle can make so much difference and prevent Type 2 from developing .”

“The Trandusti project is very educational to local people from the South Asian community. It is nonclinical, close to home and a very comfortable atmosphere. This workshop raises awareness and helps to make small lifestyle changes that can lead to Type 2 diabetes being prevented.”

“I am pleased I found HOT’s Tandrusti workshops. They are fun, interactive and reflect my culture. The workshops also take place in sites across Park ward, so I don’t have to travel too far and once I am there I feel comfortable in a friendly atmosphere.”

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